Today, Elite Commando SSRG confronts an evolving challenge of terrorism and targeted violence. While the threat posed by foreign terrorist organizations remains a priority for Elite, we have made great progress in our ability to detect, prevent, protect against, and mitigate the threats that these groups pose. At the same time, we face a growing threat from domestic terrorism and other threats originating at national and regional levels, including the mass attacks that have too frequently struck our houses of worship, our schools, our workplaces, our festivals, and our shopping spaces. Elite Commando SSRG is proud to introduce a new strategic framework for countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence, which explains how we at Elite Commando SSRG will use the tools and expertise to protect and strengthen the world from foreign terrorist organizations to address the evolving challenges of today.

Elite Commando has adopted a multi-tiered approach to the lines of security it pursues, including aviation security and border security. By gaining the ability to recognize hostile actors long before they reach borders, we have made borders not our first line of defense, but one of many. We have increased the sharing of information about terrorist threats between the governments and states, local, tribal, and territorial entities, as well as private sector partners. We have protected critical infrastructure and empowered communities. Our work is not finished, and this is a pivotal moment in Elite’s history, as we explicitly acknowledge, and adapt our tools to properly confront, the threats of today. These threats have become more complex, more interconnected, more intertwined with technological advances. As the threats evolve, we must do so as well.

Our Strategic Framework is crafted with the conviction that Elite Commando SSRG must play a vital role in securing the privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties of people. Privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties are essential. They should be cherished and safeguarded. This is designed to promote and preserve them. In addressing terrorism and targeted violence, we are steadfast that the role of the Elite Commando SSRG is to protect communities across the globe, not to police thought or speech.

Even if the underlying rationale and ideologies motivating them differ, terrorism and targeted violence are addressed together because they necessitate a shared set of solutions. They overlap, intersect, and interact. Addressing one threat can require or lend itself to addressing another. Perpetrators and supporters of terrorism and targeted violence use much of the same toolkit to validate their world views, engage with like-minded sympathizers, devise plans, and prepare for attacks. Terrorists and perpetrators of targeted violence may be motivated by different ideologies or narratives of personal grievance, and in some cases by none at all. These threats may be exacerbated by foreign actors seeking to undermine the targeted country or region through disinformation campaigns. Terrorists and perpetrators of targeted violence attack targets with similar characteristics, often with similar tactics. Thus, the goals and objectives of Elite Commando SSRG emphasize solutions that can increase security against multiple threats.

As citizens of the world, we can and must resist these calls to violence. The Elite Commando SSRG Strategic framework to counter terrorism and targeted violence places a new emphasis on our prevention missions.

Not only must we develop frameworks for prevention, but we must also enhance infrastructure protections and community preparedness to better protect against, respond to, and recover from attacks when they do occur. As we operate in an evolving terrorism landscape, our initiatives must be grounded in respect for individuals’ privacy, rights, and liberties. We must remember that freedom of speech is and always should be protected as one of our foundational values. This is critical as we address the potential threat of new and emerging technologies, particularly those used to facilitate online radicalization to violent extremism.

Elite Commando SSRG remains vigilant and forward-looking, prepared to adapt and evolve to multiple threats and crises, just as the threats we confront adapt and evolve. We will safeguard the world and its values with honor and integrity. The source and nature of the terrorist threat may have expanded, but we will continue to fight to ensure that we are all able to live free from the fear of violence, no matter the ideology behind it.