ECSSRG is a private arms broker with a decades-long tradition in the trade of armaments, defence equipment and transfer of technology.

ECSSRG’s core business activity focus on foreign trade in armaments and defence equipment, including both import and export of armaments and defence equipment, services in the field of overhaul and upgrade of armaments and defence equipment, training and cooperation involving transfer of defence technologies and capital investment in the field of defence infrastructure.

ECSSRG is Known globally as an arms dealer and has innovated its business policy with an ambition to position itself in the future as a leading broker of complex weapon systems and defence equipment.

ECSSRG facilitate sale of arms to governments or other groups, either by acting as agents for manufacturers, or by obtaining arms directly from manufacturers in the supplying country, or else by purchase of equipment declared surplus or obsolete by the government of that country.

Following the trends of customer’s needs and equipping, and taking active part in international defence shows which is a market research related, are the marketing tools at ECSSRG to maintain satisfaction to our existing partners and create new strategic partners.

ECSSRG’s brokerage service involves government - approved defense trade. As a third party to an authorized transaction, ECSSRG has the connections to negotiate or facilitate a sale.